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GRE Word List


(of costs or demands) excessive; exceeding reasonable bounds

The meaning of the word exorbitant is (of costs or demands) excessive; exceeding reasonable bounds.

Random words

apprehensivefearful; discerning
rescindrepeal; annul; cancel (a law, decision, or agreement)
grotesquefantastic; comically hideous; strange and unnatural (causing fear or amusement)
anestheticsubstance that removes sensation with or without loss of consciousness; N. anesthesia
usurylending money at illegal high rates of interest
murkydark and gloomy; thick with fog; vague; Ex. murky night/fog; N. murk: partial or complete darkness; gloom
defoliatedestroy leaves; deprive of leaves (by the use of chemicals); N. defoliant
frolicsomeprankish; gay; playful; merry; frisky
impugndispute or contradict (often in an insulting way); attack as false or questionable; challenge; gainsay; CF. fight