GRE Word List


attack with abusive language; vilify(slander)

The meaning of the word revile is attack with abusive language; vilify(slander).

Random words

privationlack of the basic necessities or comforts of life; hardship; want; CF. deprive
withholdrefuse to give; hold back; Ex. withholding tax
humanemarked by kindness or consideration; kind and compassionate; humanitarian
abodedwelling place; home
morbidgiven to unwholesome or unhealthy thought; moody; characteristic of disease; Ex. morbid curiosity; N. morbidity; CF. disease
levyimpose (a fine); collect (a payment); impose or collect (a tax); Ex. levy a tax on tobacco
dozesleep lightly; nap
denotationmeaning; distinguishing by name; V. denote: indicate; refer to directly; mean; CF. connotation
threshbeat (cereal plants) with a machine or flail to separate the grains from the straw
gruntutter a deep guttural sound (as a pig does); N.