GRE Word List


pierce (with a sharp point); Ex. impaled by the spear

The meaning of the word impale is pierce (with a sharp point); Ex. impaled by the spear.

Random words

shunkeep away from; avoid deliberately; Ex. She has been shunned by her neighbors.
enthrallcapture; enslave; captivate; hold the complete attention of (as if magic); hold spellbound
tributetax levied by a ruler; payment made by one nation to another in acknowledgment of submission; mark of respect (such as praise or gift); Ex. pay tribute to
palmconceal in the palm of the hand; palm off: pass off; Ex. palm off some bad oranges onto the lady/the painting as a real Renoir
growllow, guttural, menacing sound (as of a dog)
foistinsert improperly; impose upon another by coercion; palm off; pass off as genuine or worthy; CF. fist
formalityceremonious quality; ceremonious adherence to rules; something done just for form's sake; Ex. mere formality
sinisterevil; ominous
embarkcommence; go on board a boat; begin a journey
mimepantomime(act without dialogue); mimicry; mimer; V: mimic; pantomime