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GRE Word List


settle comfortably; place comfortably (in a secure place)

The meaning of the word ensconce is settle comfortably; place comfortably (in a secure place).

Random words

barefacedshameless and noticeable; blatant; bold; unconcealed; having no covering on the face; Ex. barefaced lie
congealfreeze; coagulate
amalgamcombination of different things; mixture of metals (containing mercury) used for filling holes in teeth
litheflexible; supple; CF. limber
squeamisheasily shocked or sickened by unpleasant things; fastidious; Ex. A nurse should not be squeamish.
galleonlarge three-masted sailing ship
embargoban on commerce or other activity
herbivorousgrain-eating; CF. herbivore
slackenslow up; loosen; make or become slack
severseparate; cut off (a part) from a whole; break up (a relationship); N. severance; CF. severance pay: extra pay given an employee upon leaving a position