GRE Word List


person receiving protection and support from a patron

The meaning of the word protege is person receiving protection and support from a patron.

Random words

selectivecareful in choosing; having an effect only on certain things; not general; Ex. eclectic weed killer
lopegallop slowly
memoirmemoirs; autobiography; biography
lineamentsfeatures especially of the face; distinctive shape or contour of the face; CF. line
reprimandreprove severely; rebuke; N.
foolhardyrash; reckless; foolishly daring
executorperson designated to execute the terms of a will; ŋšŧú ĀÛĮ°ĀĮ ÁĻĀÛĀÚ
codicilsupplement to the body of a will; later addition to a will
dissolutiondisintegration; reduction to a liquid form; looseness in morals; sensual indulgence; debauchery; ADJ. dissolute: lacking in moral restraint; leading an immoral life
languishlose animation or strength