GRE Word List


breathing; exhalation; ADJ. respiratory

The meaning of the word respiration is breathing; exhalation; ADJ. respiratory.

Random words

devolvedeputize; pass or be passed to others (power, work, or property); Ex. devolve on/upon/to
integratemake whole; combine; make into one unit
ciliatedhaving minute hairs; CF. cilium; CF. cilia: eyelash
besiegesurround with armed forces; harass (with requests); annoy continually
excerptselected passage (written or musical) taken from a longer work; V.
disinterdig up; unearth; OP. inter
dissipatesquander; waste foolishly; scatter
swear-wordword considered offensive; Ex. ``bloody''
modishfashionable; conforming to the current fashion
travestycopy or example of something that completely misrepresents the true nature of the real thing; comical parody or imitation; treatment aimed at making something appear ridiculous; Ex. travesty of justice; OP. paragon