GRE Word List


a region lying inland from a coast

The meaning of the word hinterlands is a region lying inland from a coast.

Random words

rendezvousa place appointed for assembling or meeting
gleama transient appearance of subdued or partly obscured light
felineof, relating to, or affecting cats or the cat family
gentlefree from harshness, sternness, or violence
purveyorone that purveys
refulgenta radiant or resplendent quality or state : brilliance
ferreta domesticated usually albino, brownish, or silver-gray animal (Mustela putorius furo) that is descended from the European polecat
predatoran organism that primarily obtains food by the killing and consuming of other organisms : an organism that lives by predation
penumbraa space of partial illumination (as in an eclipse) between the perfect shadow on all sides and the full light
hygienea science of the establishment and maintenance of health