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GRE Word List


back country; inner part of a country; OP. foreland

The meaning of the word hinterlands is back country; inner part of a country; OP. foreland.

Random words

resonant(of a sound) echoing; resounding(sounding loudly); deep and full in sound; producing resonance; Ex. resonant voice; N. resonance
sepulchertomb; V: place in a sepulcher; ADJ. sepulchral
jubilationrejoicing; great joy
potablesuitable for drinking; drinkable
beseechbeg; plead with
indiscriminatechoosing at random; confused; not based on careful distinctions
travestycopy or example of something that completely misrepresents the true nature of the real thing; comical parody or imitation; treatment aimed at making something appear ridiculous; Ex. travesty of justice; OP. paragon
grumblecomplain; mutter discontentedly; grouch; N.
liabilitydrawback; handicap; debts; obligation; responsibility; condition of being liable; ADJ. liable: likely; responsible (for paying)
rationalefundamental reason or principle (on which a system or principle is based); fundamental reason or justification; grounds for an action