GRE Word List


assent; agree passively; comply without protest

The meaning of the word acquiesce is assent; agree passively; comply without protest.

Random words

clasphold firmly within arms
eventualhappening at last as a result; Ex. eventual victory
glutoverstock; fill beyond capacity (with food); fill to excess; N: oversupply
mediumelement that is a creature's natural environment; nutrient setting in which microorganisms are cultivated; appropriate occupation or means of expression; channel of communication; compromise; middle position between extremes; intervening substance through which something else is transmitted
solecismnonstandard grammatical construction; construction that is flagrantly incorrect grammatically; violation of social etiquette
abatesubside or moderate
junkettrip especially one taken for pleasure by an official at public expense
omnipresentuniversally present; ubiquitous
prolificproducing offspring or fruit in abundance; fertile; fecund; abundantly fruitful; producing abundant works; Ex. prolific writer
headlonghasty; rash; headfirst; ADV.