GRE Word List


a place appointed for assembling or meeting

The meaning of the word rendezvous is a place appointed for assembling or meeting.

Random words

exchequera department or office of state in medieval England charged with the collection and management of the royal revenue and judicial determination of all revenue causes
bravehaving or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty : having or showing courage
enfranchiseto set free (as from slavery)
furoran angry or maniacal fit : rage
shootto eject or impel or cause to be ejected or impelled by a sudden release of tension (as of a bowstring or slingshot or by a flick of a finger)
rubrican authoritative rule
rusticateto go into or reside in the country : follow a rustic life
alimentaryof or relating to nourishment or nutrition
litigationthe act, process, or practice of settling a dispute in a court of law : the act or process of litigating