GRE Word List


liberal or generous in bestowing gifts or favors

The meaning of the word bountiful is liberal or generous in bestowing gifts or favors.

Random words

causticcapable of destroying or eating away by chemical action : corrosive
aggregateformed by the collection of units or particles into a body, mass, or amount : collective
domineerto exercise arbitrary or overbearing control
conjectureinference formed without proof or sufficient evidence
depositiona testifying especially before a court
obeliskan upright 4-sided usually monolithic pillar that gradually tapers as it rises and terminates in a pyramid
buttressa projecting structure of masonry or wood for supporting or giving stability to a wall or building
disseminateto spread abroad as though sowing seed
glitterto shine by reflection with many small flashes of brilliant light : sparkle
sustainto give support or relief to