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GRE Word List


generous; graciously generous; showing bounty

The meaning of the word bountiful is generous; graciously generous; showing bounty.

Random words

procrastinatepostpone; delay or put off
indemnifymake secure against damage or loss; compensate for damage or loss; CF. make uninjured
expungecancel; remove a word or name (from a book or list); erase
choredaily domestic task (such as cleaning, cooking, and shopping); unpleasant task
mediatesettle a dispute through the services of an outsider; act as an intermediary; produce by mediating; Ex. mediate a cease-fire
parryward off a blow; deflect; Ex. He parried the unwelcome question very skillfully; N. CF. ´ٴ ƴ
rivetingholding one's attention; absorbing; engrossing
fanaticismexcessive zeal; extreme devotion to a belief or cause; N. fanatic; ADJ. fanatic
existentialpertaining to existence; pertaining to the philosophy of existentialism
glossysmooth and shining; N. gloss: shiny brightness on a surface; superficially attractive appearance; Ex. gloss of good manners