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GRE Word List


one guilty of a crime

The meaning of the word culprit is one guilty of a crime.

Random words

sensitizationprocess of being made sensitive or acutely responsive to an external agent or substance; V. sensitize: make or become sensitive
holocaustdestruction by fire; CF. burnt whole; CF. Holocaust
effervescenceinner excitement or exuberance; showing high spirits; emitting bubbles forming inside; bubbling from fermentation or carbonation; ADJ. effervescent; V. effervesce
actuatemotivate; activate; cause to act
sageperson celebrated for wisdom; wise person; ADJ: wise
lexicographercompiler of a dictionary; CF. lexicography: work of compiling a dictionary
bentdetermined; Ex. bent on advancing in the business; N: natural talent or inclination
windfallfallen fruit; unexpected lucky event
outfitclothing or equipment for a special purpose; Ex. cowboy outfit
self-indulgenceexcessive indulgence of one's own desire

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