GRE Word List


reply; retort; comeback; V. rejoin: say in reply

The meaning of the word rejoinder is reply; retort; comeback; V. rejoin: say in reply.

Random words

longevitylong life; long duration
rancorlong-lasting hatred; bitterness; Ex. negotiation without rancor; ADJ. rancorous
glossarybrief explanation of words used in the text
extraditionsurrender of prisoner by one state to another; Ex. extradition treaty; V. extradite
singularbeing only one; individual; unique; extraordinary; odd; Ex. singular beauty/behavior
dramaprose or verse composition to be performed by actors; play; exciting and unusual situation
menialsuitable for servants; lowly; mean; N: someone who does menial work (esp. servant in a house)
gildcover with a thin layer of gold
impuissancepowerlessness; feebleness
transparentpermitting light to pass through freely; easily detected; obvious; clear; Ex. transparent lie