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GRE Word List


swelling out in waves; surging

Spring Vocabulary In English

The meaning of the word billowing is swelling out in waves; surging.

Random words

rotund(of a person) fat and round
carapaceshell covering the back (of a turtle, tortoise, crab, etc.)
mnemonicpertaining to memory; assisting the memory; N: device, such as as formula or rhyme, used as a mnemonic aid
reekemit (an unpleasant odor or smoke); give off an unpleasant odor; give out smoke; Ex. reeking chimney; N: unpleasant odor; stench
astigmatismeye defect which prevents proper focus; OP. stigmatism
migratorywandering; V. migrate: move from one region and settle in another; move periodically from one region to another
rigidhard and unbending; stiff and unyielding; fixed in behavior or views; strict; rigorous; Ex. rigid rule
decreeauthoritative order; edict; judgment of a court of law; V: order or judge by decree
revileattack with abusive language; vilify(slander)
bucolicrustic; pastoral