GRE Word List


(of weather) warm and damp

The meaning of the word muggy is (of weather) warm and damp.

Random words

sectseparate religious body; faction; group of people with common beliefs within a larger group
profligatewasteful (of money); dissipated; wildly immoral; dissolute; N: profligate person; N. profligacy
bulgeprotruding part; swelling of a surface; Ex. The apple made a bulge in his pocket; V: swell outward; protrude
vitreousof glass; pertaining to or resembling glass; V. vitrify: change into glass; CF. petrify
flushredden; blush; flow suddenly and abundantly; wash out by a rapid brief flow of water; N: reddish tinge; blush; brief rush; rush of strong feeling; Ex. flush of pride; ADJ: having surfaces in the same plane; even; blushing
cursive(of writing) flowing; running; having the successive letters joined
aegisshield; protection; defense
gamutentire range
pandercater to (the low desires of others)
elysiumplace or condition of bliss