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GRE Word List


anything discarded or rejected as worthless; trash

The meaning of the word refuse is anything discarded or rejected as worthless; trash.

Random words

totemanimal, plant, or natural object serving as a symbol of a clan or family; representation of this; Ex. totem pole
tithetax of one-tenth (contributed to a church); V: pay a tithe
bemusedconfused; lost in thought; preoccupied
empathyability to identify with another's feelings, ideas, etc.; identification with and understanding of another's feelings; V. empathize; CF. sympathy
intervenecome between; interfere; Ex. intervened to prevent a fight; N. intervention
obeseexcessively fat; N. obesity
detrimentalharmful; damaging; N. detriment
concatenatelink as in a chain
executiveperson having administrative authority; one branch of government executing laws; ADJ: relating to executing
civilhaving to do with citizens; not military or religious; courteous and polite; Ex. married in a civil ceremony; Ex. civil strife/disorder/law; N. civility; CF. civic