GRE Word List


working or productive of harm or evil : baleful

The meaning of the word maleficent is working or productive of harm or evil : baleful.

Random words

defameto harm the reputation of by communicating false statements about : to harm the reputation of by libel (see libel
creepto move along with the body prone and close to the ground
captiousmarked by an often ill-natured inclination to stress faults and raise objections
validateto make legally valid : ratify
embarkto go on board a vehicle for transportation
draughta rough written version of something that is not yet in its final form; to write the first rough version of something such as a letter, speech, book or law; to choose people and send them somewhere for a special task
impudencethe quality or state of being impudent
energizeto make energetic, vigorous, or active
feralof, relating to, or suggestive of a wild beast