GRE Word List


a breeze from the west

The meaning of the word zephyr is a breeze from the west.

Random words

unearthlynot earthly: such as
insomniaprolonged and usually abnormal inability to get enough sleep especially due to trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
deludeto mislead the mind or judgment of : deceive
obviateto anticipate and prevent (something, such as a situation) or make (an action) unnecessary
distillto let fall, exude, or precipitate (see precipitate
incorporateto unite or work into something already existent so as to form an indistinguishable whole
bivouaca usually temporary encampment under little or no shelter
sententiousgiven to or abounding in aphoristic expression
tartagreeably sharp or acid to the taste
dissimulateto hide under a false appearance