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GRE Word List


gentle breeze; west wind

The meaning of the word zephyr is gentle breeze; west wind.

Random words

hyperboleexaggeration; overstatement; ADJ. hyperbolic: of hyperbole; of a hyperbola
communalheld in common; public; of a group of people; of a commune
annealreduce brittleness and improve toughness by heating and cooling (metal or glass)
cauterizeburn (a wound or snakebite, etc.) with hot iron or caustic substance to stop bleeding and prevent infection
spatesudden flood or rush; Ex. spate of accidents
frictionclash or conflict in opinion; rubbing against
propinquitynearness (in space or relationship); proximity; kinship
burlesquegive an imitation that ridicules; imitate mockingly
encumberburden; N. encumbrance