GRE Word List


scold harshly; criticize severely

The meaning of the word rebuke is scold harshly; criticize severely.

Random words

bromideplatitude; chemical compound used to calm excitement
finaleconclusion; concluding part
outfitclothing or equipment for a special purpose; Ex. cowboy outfit
compassionsympathy for the suffering of others; ADJ. compassionate
invocationprayer for help (used in invoking); calling upon as a reference or support; act of invoking
articulateeffective; distinct; expressing ideas clearly; having clear sounds; having joints; Ex. articulate speech; V: express thoughts and feeling clearly; pronounce clearly; unite by joints
presageforetell; be a warning or sign of; N: presentiment; foreboding; omen
inveigledeceive; lead astray by deception; wheedle(cajole); Ex. inveigle her into joining the club; CF. interest dishonestly
cascadesmall waterfall
frondfern leaf; palm or banana leaf