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GRE Word List


uneasiness; anxiety; V. disquiet: make anxious

The meaning of the word disquietude is uneasiness; anxiety; V. disquiet: make anxious.

Random words

epilogueshort speech at conclusion of dramatic work
conciliatoryreconciling; soothing; V. conciliate: reconcile; soothe; win the friendly feelings (by removing anger)
iconreligious image; idol; image or representation
warrantyguarantee; assurance by seller
smudgedirty mark with unclear edges made by rubbing; V.
incontinentlacking self-restraint; not continent; licentious
revelryboisterous merrymaking; V. revel: engage boisterous festivities; enjoy greatly; N: boisterous festivity or celebration
consternationgreat shock; dismay
forwardpresumptuous or bold

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