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GRE Word List


giving or showing bliss; blissful

The meaning of the word beatific is giving or showing bliss; blissful.

Random words

celerityspeed; rapidity
interloperintruder; one who interferes
betokensignify; indicate; be a sign of
perceptiveinsightful; showing a good ability at perceiving and understanding; aware; wise; of perception
searburn the surface of; char or burn; brand; parch; cause (a plant) to wither
remunerative(of work) compensating; rewarding; profitable; well-paid; V. remunerate: reward; pay (someone) for work or trouble
sophistteacher of philosophy; quibbler; employer of fallacious reasoning; N. sophism: plausible but fallacious argument
gentlekindly; soft; mild; of good family
lienlegal claim or right on a property