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GRE Word List


treacherous; disloyal; N. perfidy: treachery

The meaning of the word perfidious is treacherous; disloyal; N. perfidy: treachery.

Random words

missileobject to be thrown or projected
uproariousmarked by commotion or uproar; very noisy (esp. with laughter); hilarious; causing loud laughter; extremely funny
detainkeep waiting; prevent from leaving or going; N. detention
palmconceal in the palm of the hand; palm off: pass off; Ex. palm off some bad oranges onto the lady/the painting as a real Renoir
eroticpertaining to passionate love or sexual love
hullhusk; dry outer covering of a seed; frame or body of a ship
beneficentkindly; doing good
mediatesettle a dispute through the services of an outsider; act as an intermediary; produce by mediating; Ex. mediate a cease-fire
pseudonympen name; fictitious name assumed by an author; ADJ. pseudonymous