GRE Word List


appease; conciliate; make peaceful; ADJ. propitiatory

The meaning of the word propitiate is appease; conciliate; make peaceful; ADJ. propitiatory.

Random words

tightwadmiser; excessively frugal person
supplicatepetition humbly; pray to grant a favor
foresightability to foresee future happenings; prudence in providing for the future
moroseill-humored; sullen; sullenly melancholy
polity(particular form of) political organization; form of government of nation or state; Ex. student polity
hewcut to pieces with ax or sword; chop; N.
despondentwithout hope and courage; depressed; gloomy; N. despondency: loss of hope with gloom; dejection
untowardunexpected and adverse; unfortunate or unlucky; Ex. untoward encounter
timorousfearful; timid; demonstrating fear
machiavelliancrafty; double-dealing; of the political doctrine of Machiavelli, which holds that craft and deceit are justified in pursuing political power