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GRE Word List


agree; accept; N. assessment

The meaning of the word assent is agree; accept; N. assessment.

Random words

cuisinestyle of cooking; Ex. French cuisine
palatialof or suitable for a palace; magnificent
testatormaker of a will; CF. testatrix
residueremainder; balance
gauntlean and angular; thin and bony; emaciated; barren
flourishgrow well; prosper; make sweeping gestures; wave; brandish; Ex. The trees flourished in the sun. N: showy movement or gesture; embellishment or ornamentation (esp. in handwriting)
countermandcancel; revoke (an order)
prognosisforecasted course of a disease; prediction; CF. prognostic
charlatanquack; pretender to knowledge (esp. in medicine)
impalpableimperceptible(not easily understood); intangible; OP. palpable: tangible; easily perceptible