GRE Word List


pamper; coddle; baby; indulge excessively

The meaning of the word mollycoddle is pamper; coddle; baby; indulge excessively.

Random words

parsimonystinginess; excessive frugality; ADJ. parsimonious
rigarrangement of masts and sails; V: equip (a ship) with rigging; ADJ. rigging: ropes that hold up a ship's sails
meditationreflection; thought; V. meditate
dauntlessbold; fearless
fazedisconcert; dismay; embarrass
titternervous giggle; nervous laugh; V.
discerningmentally quick and observant; having insight; perceptive; able to make good judgments; V. discern: perceive
inanimatelifeless; not animate
minuteextremely small; CF. minutes: official record of the proceedings at a meeting
renownfame; ADJ. renowned