GRE Word List


grow rapidly (in numbers); spread; multiply; N. proliferation

The meaning of the word proliferate is grow rapidly (in numbers); spread; multiply; N. proliferation.

Random words

prolonglengthen; extend; draw out
douseplunge into water or liquid; dip; immerse; drench; wet throughly; extinguish; throw water over; dowse
recreantdisloyal; cowardly; N: disloyal and cowardly person
vitreousof glass; pertaining to or resembling glass; V. vitrify: change into glass; CF. petrify
ciliatedhaving minute hairs; CF. cilium; CF. cilia: eyelash
elaborationaddition of details; intricacy
blotchspot; blot; CF. blot+botch
verisimilarhaving the appearance of truth or reality; probable or likely to be true; plausible
broachintroduce as a subject; moot; open up