GRE Word List


loud resounding noise; sound of repeated clanging

The meaning of the word clangor is loud resounding noise; sound of repeated clanging.

Random words

studiousgiven to diligent study
indissolublepermanent; impossible to dissolve or disintegrate
residualremaining; left over; of a residue; N: residue
ensuefollow (as a result)
dozesleep lightly; nap
hallucinationdelusion; false idea; false perception of objects with a compelling sense of their reality; objects so perceived; V. hallucinate; ADJ. hallucinatory
laptake in food or drink with one's tongue; splash gently; Ex. waves lapping the shore; N: front area from the waist to the knees of a seated person
scenarioplot outline; screenplay(script for a movie); opera libretto; outline of possible future events
immuneresistant to; free or exempt from; N. immunity
scada great quantity; Ex. scads of clothes