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GRE Word List


annoy by repeated attacks

The meaning of the word harass is annoy by repeated attacks.

Random words

rakeimmoral or dissolute person
acceleratemove faster
debonair(of men) friendly, charming, and fashionably dressed; aiming to please; CF. of good disposition
perfidioustreacherous; disloyal; N. perfidy: treachery
retrieverecover; put right; find and bring in; regain; Ex. retrieve the situation
prototypeoriginal work used as a model by others
corporealbodily (rather than spiritual); of a bodily form; material; tangible
adversaryopponent; enemy
sobrietymoderation (especially regarding indulgence in alcohol); seriousness
stockstandard; kept regularly in stock or supply; typical; routine; common; Ex. stock sizes of paper; Ex. stock excuse/character; N: goods for sale in a shop; OP. unique