GRE Word List


serving to warn

The meaning of the word premonitory is serving to warn.

Random words

implementput into effect; enforce; carry out; supply with tools; Ex. implement the plan/suggestion; N: tool or instrument
invocationprayer for help (used in invoking); calling upon as a reference or support; act of invoking
remunerative(of work) compensating; rewarding; profitable; well-paid; V. remunerate: reward; pay (someone) for work or trouble
pedagogyteaching; art of education
perspicuityclearness of expression; freedom from ambiguity
unfledgedimmature; not having the feathers necessary to fly; CF. fledgling
monetarypertaining to money
ethnologystudy of humankind; study of the different races of human beings; CF. anthropology
ravinenarrow valley with steep sides; gorge; CF. gully, canyon
conducivehelpful; contributive; V. conduce; Ex. conduce to/towards