GRE Word List


(esp. of older people) vigorously active; nimble

The meaning of the word spry is (esp. of older people) vigorously active; nimble.

Random words

flitfly; fly or move lightly or quickly; dart lightly; pass swiftly by; Ex. a bee flitting from flower to flower
homespundomestic; made at home; spun or woven at home; simple and ordinary; Ex. homespun philosophy
outrageact of extreme violence or viciousness; resentful anger; V: commit an outrage on; produce anger in; ADJ. outrageous: offensive
friezeornamental horizontal band on a wall
entreeentrance; a way in; right to enter; main dish of a meal; Ex. entree into the exclusive circle
gradationseries of gradual stages; degree in such a progression
purgatoryplace of spiritual expiation; temporary state or place in which the souls must expiate their sins
atonemake amends for; pay for; Ex. atone for
studiedcarefully contrived; calculated; unspontaneous; deliberate; thoughtful; Ex. studied remark
withdrawnintroverted; retiring; remote