GRE Word List


negligent; careless about a duty

The meaning of the word remiss is negligent; careless about a duty.

Random words

provenderdry food for livestock; fodder
hortatoryencouraging; exhortive; marked by exhortation; CF. exhort
ransacksearch thoroughly; pillage (going through a place); Ex. Enemy soldiers ransacked the town.
stoopbend forward and down; lower or debase oneself; fall to a lower standard of behavior by doing something; condescend; Ex. stoop to lying
demure(of a woman or child) grave; quiet and serious; coy; pretending to be demure
finessedelicate skill; V: handle with finesse
reputedsupposed; Ex. reputed father of the child; V. repute: consider; N. repute: reputation; esteem
renditionrendering; translation; artistic interpretation of a song, etc
accessoryadditional object; useful but not essential thing
seducelead away from proper conduct; entice; ADJ. seductive