GRE Word List


negligent in the performance of work or duty : careless

The meaning of the word remiss is negligent in the performance of work or duty : careless.

Random words

rectitudethe quality or state of being straight
premisea proposition antecedently supposed or proved as a basis of argument or inference
decapitateto cut off the head of : behead
ostentatiousattracting or seeking to attract attention, admiration, or envy often by gaudiness or obviousness : overly elaborate or conspicuous : characterized by, fond of, or evincing ostentation
profligatewildly extravagant
hyperboleextravagant exaggeration (such as "mile-high ice-cream cones")
opiatean alkaloid drug (such as morphine or codeine) that contains or is derived from opium, binds to cell receptors primarily of the central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract, acts to block pain, induce sedation or sleep, depress respiration, and produce calmness or euphoria, and is associated with physiological tolerance (see tolerance
aliasotherwise called : otherwise known as
dilateto become enlarged or widened