GRE Word List


bloody; N. gore: blood (from a wound)

The meaning of the word gory is bloody; N. gore: blood (from a wound).

Random words

patheticcausing sadness, compassion, pity; touching
emendcorrect (usually a text); N. emendation: correction of errors; improvement
apothecarydruggist; pharmacist
rejoinderreply; retort; comeback; V. rejoin: say in reply
conformistperson who uncritically conforms to the customs of a group; OP. nonconformist: one who does not conform to accepted beliefs of norms
afterlifelife after death; later part of one's life
quorumminimal number of members necessary to conduct a meeting
tarnishmake or become dull or discolored; N.
agnosticone who is skeptical of the existence or knowability of a god or any ultimate reality