GRE Word List


born after the death of the father

The meaning of the word posthumous is born after the death of the father.

Random words

mendaciousgiven to or characterized by deception or falsehood or divergence from absolute truth
accelerateto move faster : to gain speed
pittancea small portion, amount, or allowance
potiona mixture of liquids (such as liquor or medicine)
alienateto cause to be estranged : to make unfriendly, hostile, or indifferent especially where attachment formerly existed
rampa sloping way or plane: such as
perpetuateto make perpetual or cause to last indefinitely
tarnishto dull or destroy the luster of by or as if by air, dust, or dirt : soil
conservatorya greenhouse for growing or displaying plants
winnowto remove (something, such as chaff) by a current of air