GRE Word List


pacify; bring peace to; conciliate; appease

The meaning of the word placate is pacify; bring peace to; conciliate; appease.

Random words

disbursepay out (as from a fund); N. disbursement; CF. purse
rebuffreject bluntly; snub; beat back; Ex. She rebuffed his invitation; N.
strewspread randomly; sprinkle; scatter; Ex. flower girl strewing rose petals
actuarysomeone who advises insurance companies
summationact of finding the total; summing-up; summary (esp. one given by the judge at the end of a trial)
quorumminimal number of members necessary to conduct a meeting
episodic(of a story or play) loosely connected; made up of separate and loosely connected parts; N. episode: incident in the course of an experience
recastreconstruct (a sentence, story, statue, etc.); fashion again
quagmirebog; marsh; soft, wet, boggy land; predicament; complex or dangerous situation from which it is difficult to free oneself
jubilationrejoicing; great joy