GRE Word List



The meaning of the word delve is excavate.

Random words

ignoblecharacterized by baseness, lowness, or meanness
waverto vacillate irresolutely between choices : fluctuate in opinion, allegiance, or direction
prudea person who is excessively or priggishly attentive to propriety or decorum
shootto eject or impel or cause to be ejected or impelled by a sudden release of tension (as of a bowstring or slingshot or by a flick of a finger)
poseura person who pretends to be what he or she is not : an affected or insincere person
carnagethe flesh of slain animals or humans
discerningshowing insight and understanding : discriminating
mentora friend of Odysseus entrusted with the education of Odysseus' son Telemachus
gustythe sensation of taste