GRE Word List


coloring matter (usually powder to be mixed with water or oil)

The meaning of the word pigment is coloring matter (usually powder to be mixed with water or oil).

Random words

stampstep on heavily (so as to crush or extinguish); put an end to; imprint or impress with a mark, design, or seal; shape with a die; characterize; Ex. machine stamping out car bodies; Ex. newspaper stamping him as a liar; N. stamping; implement used to stamp; impression stamped; mark; Ex. Her remarks bear the stamp of truth.
incenseenrage; infuriate(make furious); make extremely angry; outrage; N: aromatic substance burned to produce a pleasant odor
waxincrease gradually (as the moon); grow
acidulousslightly sour (in taste or manner); sharp; caustic
tortuouswinding; full of curves; Ex. tortuous mountain road
irremediableincurable; uncorrectable; impossible to remedy
willowyflexible; pliant; slender; CF. willow
coyshy (flirtatiously); showing a (pretended) lack of self-confidence; modest; coquettish; CF. job offer¸¦ ¹Þ¾ÒÀ» ¶§
gaffesocial blunder