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GRE Word List


upstart; newly rich person

The meaning of the word parvenu is upstart; newly rich person.

Random words

scorenumber of points; written form of a musical composition; reason; group of 20; notch or incision; Ex. full/vocal score; Ex. Don't worry on that score; V: mark with lines or notches; Ex. score the paper to make it easy to fold
torrentrushing stream; flood; Ex. The rain fell in torrents.
fortitudebravery; courage; strength of mind
extrudeforce or push out; thrust out; shape (plastic or metal) by forcing through a die
solecismnonstandard grammatical construction; construction that is flagrantly incorrect grammatically; violation of social etiquette
jingoistextremely aggressive and militant patriot; warlike chauvinist; N. jingoism: extreme nationalism
deifyturn into a god; make a god of; idolize; Ex. Kings were deified; CF. deity
cremateincinerate (a corpse); N. crematory, crematorium
prescienceability to foretell the future; knowledge of actions before they occur; ADJ. prescient
semblanceoutward appearance; guise; Ex. We called in the troops to bring a/some semblance of order to the city.