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GRE Word List


social outcast; Ex. Mariah the pariah

The meaning of the word pariah is social outcast; Ex. Mariah the pariah.

Random words

cloyingdistasteful (because excessive); excessively sweet or sentimental; V. cloy: become unpleasant through too much sweetness or excess
simianmonkeylike; N: ape or monkey
wranglequarrel noisily; obtain through arguing; herd cattle; N.
barragebarrier laid down by artillery fire; overwhelming profusion; large number of questions or statements; Ex. a barrage of criticism
enervateweaken; take away energy from
elaborationaddition of details; intricacy
unimpeachablethat cannot be impeached; beyond doubt or question; blameless and exemplary
revertrelapse; backslide; turn back to; return to the former owner; N. reversion
tannerperson who turns animal hides into leather