GRE Word List


agreeable; pleasing to the taste

The meaning of the word palatable is agreeable; pleasing to the taste.

Random words

diurnaldaily; occurring during the daytime
catharsispurging or cleansing of any passage of the body; purging and weakening of strong emotions as a result of experiencing a dramatic work of art
rationalefundamental reason or principle (on which a system or principle is based); fundamental reason or justification; grounds for an action
scotchstamp out(put an end to); thwart; hinder; Ex. scotch the rumor; CF. cut; CF. Θ°΅Ώΐ» ΑΩΐΜ΄Β ΐΗΉΜ
upright(sitting or standing) straight up; honest; moral
gargantuanhuge; enormous; gigantic; CF. the hero of Gargantua and Pantagruel
absolvepardon (an offense)
rostrumraised platform for speech-making; pulpit
exacerbateworsen; aggravate; embitter
compressforce into less space; squeeze; contract; put into fewer words; N: thick mass of cloth pressed to part of the body to stop bleeding or swelling, reduce fever, etc.