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GRE Word List


slavishly attentive; servile; full of servile compliance; sycophantic

The meaning of the word obsequious is slavishly attentive; servile; full of servile compliance; sycophantic.

Random words

manifestopublic declaration of principles; statement of policy
lusciouspleasing to taste or smell; delicious
swayswing from side to side; influence (someone) to change one's opinion; N.
vindicateclear from blame; free from blame or accusation (with supporting proof); exonerate; substantiate; justify or support; avenge; Ex. vindicate one's client; Ex. vindicate one's claim; CF. vindicator
distinctiveclearly different from others of the same kind
trinketknickknack; bauble; cheap jewelry
indubitableunable to be doubted; which cannot be doubted; unquestionable
alleviaterelieve (pain)
insomniawakefulness; inability to sleep
satireform of literature in which irony, sarcasm, and ridicule are employed to attack human vice and folly