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GRE Word List


wilful; intentional; headstrong

The meaning of the word willful is wilful; intentional; headstrong.

Random words

concatenatelink as in a chain
renegadedeserter; traitor; ADJ.
annexattach; add to a large thing; take possession of; incorporate (territory) into a larger existing political unit (by force); N: building added to a large one
aliasan assumed name esp. by a criminal (usually to mislead people); ADV. alias
benefactorgift giver; patron; person who does good or who gives money for a good purpose
embracehug; clasp with the arms; adopt or espouse; accept readily; encircle; include; Ex. embrace the cause/socialism; Ex. all-embracing; CF. brace; CF. bracelet
willowyflexible; pliant; slender; CF. willow
waggishhumorous; mischievous; tricky
collagework of art put together from fragments
chortlechuckle with delight; N.