GRE Word List


soothe; make calm or quiet; subdue; bring peace to

The meaning of the word pacify is soothe; make calm or quiet; subdue; bring peace to.

Random words

nonentityperson of no importance; nonexistence
disclosereveal; N. disclosure
throngcrowd (of people or things); V.
vyingcontending; CF. vie
credentialevidence concerning one's authority; written proof of a person's position; Ex. The new ambassador presented his credentials to the court.
museponder at length; N: source of inspiration (esp. of a poet)
substantivesubstantial; essential; pertaining to the substance; substantial; considerable; Ex. substantive issues
implicationsomething hinted at or suggested; implying; implicating
braggartboaster; bragger
scrimmagedisorderly fight between two or more people