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GRE Word List


talkative boaster; braggart

The meaning of the word blowhard is talkative boaster; braggart.

Random words

incontrovertibleindisputable; impossible to dispute; not open to question; unquestionable
treatisearticle treating a subject systematically and thoroughly
fugitivefleeting or transitory; lasting only a short time; roving(wandering); running away or fleeing as from the law; N: one who flees; Ex. fugitives at large
meteoriclike a meteor; swift; momentarily brilliant; Ex. meteoric rise to fame; N. meteor
dyspepticsuffering from indigestion; N. dyspepsia: indigestion; difficulty in digesting food
encroachmentgradual intrusion; Ex. I resent all these encroachments on my valuable time; V. encroach: take another's possessions or right gradually or stealthily; intrude; Ex. encroach on/upon
entrepreneurbusinessperson (who assumes the risk of a business venture); contractor; ADJ. entrepreneurial
pantomimeacting without dialogue; V.
snivelcomplain or whine tearfully; run at the nose; snuffle; Ex. Don't come back sniveling to me.
migratorywandering; V. migrate: move from one region and settle in another; move periodically from one region to another