GRE Word List


talkative boaster; braggart

The meaning of the word blowhard is talkative boaster; braggart.

Random words

truculenceaggressiveness; ferocity; ADJ. truculent: aggressive; pugnacious; fierce
appalldismay; shock deeply
pinnacesmall boat
daintydelicate; delicately beautiful; fastidious; not easy to please; Ex. dainty movement/dress
enfranchiseadmit to the rights of citizenship (especially the right to vote); CF. franchise
feasiblepractical; able to be carried out; practicable
partialincomplete; favoring one side over another; having a liking for something
unkemptdisheveled; uncared for in appearance; not combed; CF. comb
dynamogenerator for producing electricity; energetic person