GRE Word List


disorderly fight between two or more people

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The meaning of the word scrimmage is disorderly fight between two or more people.

Random words

proclivityinclination; natural tendency (esp. towards something bad)
dichotomydivision into two opposite parts; split; branching into two parts (especially contradictory ones)
dodderingshaky; infirm from old age; V. dodder
billowlarge wave of water; a great swell or surge (of smoke); V: surge, swell, roll in billows
ravinenarrow valley with steep sides; gorge; CF. gully, canyon
glittershine brightly with flashing points of light; Ex. glittering diamond ring; N: sparkling light; attractiveness; glamor; Ex. glitter of the sun on the waves
verdantgreen; covered with green plants or grass; lush in vegetation; Ex. verdant meadows
debasedegrade; reduce in quality or value; degenerate; lower in esteem; disgrace; N. debasement
felonperson convicted of a grave crime; CF. felony: serious crime
floridruddy; (of a complexion) reddish; flowery; very ornate; CF. rose