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GRE Word List


arousing strong dislike; hateful(causing hatred); vile

The meaning of the word odious is arousing strong dislike; hateful(causing hatred); vile.

Random words

misogynisthater of woman; CF. misogyny
patrimonyproperty inherited from a father
tollsound (a large bell) slowly at regular intervals; N: sound of a bell; fixed tax or charge
sovereignruler in a monarchy; ADJ: (of a country) independent and self-governing; having supreme power; supreme; excellent
larcenytheft; Ex. petit larceny
impudenceimpertinence; insolence
whitsmall amount; smallest speck; Ex. not a whit of
respirationbreathing; exhalation; ADJ. respiratory
rustlemake slight sounds like silk moving or being rubbed together
uxoriousexcessively submissive or devoted to one's wife; CF. uxor: wife