GRE Word List


casual; hastily done with little attention to detail

The meaning of the word cursory is casual; hastily done with little attention to detail.

Random words

tarnishmake or become dull or discolored; N.
haggleargue about prices (in an attempt to bargain)
sybaritelover of luxury; person devoted to pleasure and luxury; CF. Sybaris: an ancient Greek city in Italy
wrongheadedstubbornly wrong
unsullieduntarnished; CF. sully
cavaliercasual and offhand; arrogant; N: knight
rapaciousvoracious; ravenous; taking everything one can; excessively grasping; plundering; subsisting on live prey; Ex. rapacious birds
defrockstrip a priest or minister of church authority; unfrock
maritimebordering on(adjacent to) the sea; nautical; of the ships or the sea; Ex. Maritime Provinces
machinationsevil schemes or plots; schemes or plots to achieve an evil end; V. machinate