GRE Word List


formless; lacking shape or definition

The meaning of the word amorphous is formless; lacking shape or definition.

Random words

titanicgigantic; N. titan
refulgenteffulgent; brilliant; brightly shining; gleaming; Ex. refulgent moon
ejaculationexclamation; abrupt ejection (to discharge sperm); V. ejaculate
prologueintroduction (to a poem or play)
extrinsicexternal; not essential or inherent; extraneous; OP. intrinsic
deadlockstandstill resulting from the opposition of two unrelenting forces; stalemate
appropriateacquire; take possession of for one's own use without permission; set aside for a particular purpose; allocate; CF. misappropriate
expostulationprotest; remonstrance; reasoning with someone to correct or dissuade; V. expostulate
refectorydining hall; room where meals are served (in a school)
tribulationsuffering; ordeal; distress; trial