GRE Word List


having only one color

The meaning of the word monochromatic is having only one color.

Random words

uniquewithout an equal; single in kind
repulsiondistaste; disgust; act of driving back; ADJ. repulsive: causing disgust; tending to drive away; V. repel (not `repulse')
discomposedisturb the composure of; confuse
consolelessen sadness or disappointment; give comfort; allay the sorrow of; N. consolation
pervertcorrupt; turn from right to wrong; misuse; Ex. perverted sexual desire/scientific knowledge; N: person whose sexual behavior is not natural
potiondose (of liquids); liquid dose
doldrumsblues; listlessness(lack of spirit or energy); slack(inactive) period; period of stagnation; ocean area near the equator where ships cannot move because there is no wind; Ex. in the doldrums
bristleshort stiff hair; V: (hair or fur) stand up stiffly
conspiretake part in a conspiracy; (of events) work together; combine; Ex. Events conspired to produce great difficulties.
posteritydescendants; future generations; Ex. go down to posterity; CF. posterior, anterior