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GRE Word List


many in number or kind; numerous; varied

The meaning of the word manifold is many in number or kind; numerous; varied.

Random words

wranglequarrel noisily; obtain through arguing; herd cattle; N.
intermediaryintermediate; acting as a mediator; N: mediator; go-between
venompoison (of an animal); hatred; Ex. remarks full of venom; ADJ. venomous
trystmeeting arranged by lovers; arrangement between lovers to meet
tenureholding of an office or real estate; time during which such an office is held
embedenclose; place in something; fix firmly in a surrounding mass
conscientiousscrupulous; through and careful; Ex. conscientious worker
unimpeachablethat cannot be impeached; beyond doubt or question; blameless and exemplary
ecosystemecological community together with its environment
moroseill-humored; sullen; sullenly melancholy