GRE Word List


many in number or kind; numerous; varied

The meaning of the word manifold is many in number or kind; numerous; varied.

Random words

lucrativeprofitable; producing wealth
antithesiscontrast; direct opposite of or to; ADJ. antithetic or antithetical
spinrotate swiftly; make (thread) by twisting (cotton, wool, etc.); N.
hoverhang about; (of birds or aircraft) stay in the air in one place; (of people) wait nearby; stay around one place; waver; be in an uncertain state
permeablethat can be permeated; penetrable; porous; allowing liquids or gas to pass through; V. permeate: spread or flow throughout; charge
finishedproperly made and complete; Ex. finished product/performance
levyimpose (a fine); collect (a payment); impose or collect (a tax); Ex. levy a tax on tobacco
opalescentiridescent; lustrous; like an opal; N. opalescence
versatilehaving many talents; capable of working in many fields; having many uses or functions; N. versatility