GRE Word List


causing horror or revulsion : gruesome

The meaning of the word lurid is causing horror or revulsion : gruesome.

Random words

implyto express indirectly
multifarioushaving or occurring in great variety : diverse
whima capricious or eccentric and often sudden idea or turn of the mind : fancy
alimentaryof or relating to nourishment or nutrition
baroqueof, relating to, or having the characteristics of a style of artistic expression prevalent especially in the 17th century that is marked generally by use of complex forms, bold ornamentation, and the juxtaposition of contrasting elements often conveying a sense of drama, movement, and tension
politypolitical organization
crustthe hardened exterior or surface part of bread
scrappyconsisting of scraps
patinaa usually green film formed naturally on copper and bronze by long exposure or artificially (as by acids) and often valued aesthetically for its color
decantto draw off (a liquid) without disturbing the sediment or the lower liquid layers