GRE Word List



The meaning of the word buccaneer is pirate.

Random words

bolstersupport; reinforce
flinchhesitate; shrink back (in fear of something unpleasant); Ex. She did not flinch in the face of danger.
antiquatedobsolete; old-fashioned; outdated
rigorseverity; Ex. rigors of the Russian winter
mimepantomime(act without dialogue); mimicry; mimer; V: mimic; pantomime
nutrientnourishing substance; ADJ: providing nourishment
gistessence; main point; substance
disbursepay out (as from a fund); N. disbursement; CF. purse
perversepurposely continuing to do something wrong; stubbornly wrongheaded; perverted; directed away from what is right; wicked and unacceptable; Ex. perverse satisfaction; Ex. Hannibal Lecter in a perverse mood; N. perversity
giddylight-hearted; not serious; frivolous; dizzy; causing dizziness; Ex. giddy youth; Ex. giddy climb/height